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Cargo Network

The material used for the trailer net is high strength polypropylene yarn, with a wire diameter of 3MM and a mesh of 45MM.

Knotless Safety Net

Warp knitted safety net, high strength PP yarn, shaped mesh or diamond shaped mesh, peripheral penetration of 12MM, breaking strength can reach 30KN, in accordance with the standard of EN 1263-1.

Workshop Netting

Mainly used as protection in lifting, hoisting, pallets or stairs.

Straw Mattress

High strength PE, diamond mesh,50*50mm mesh

Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fishing Nets

The product is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material, the strength is much higher than all other materials. It has Low coefficient of friction, smooth surface, lower density than water, and hydrophobicity.

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Review how the four algorithms of search engines improve content quality

With the continuous upgrading of search engine algorithms, in order to improve the content quality of website pages, hurricane algorithm 3.0, strong wind algorithm, drizzle algorithm 2.0 and blue sky algorithm have been introduced and improved. It is becoming more and more difficult to rank solely by technical means. It can be said that now we have entered the era of content is king. For a website to have traffic, it must produce high-quality content. Gradually, we are all doing original or original.


Data Center Visualization


3D technology based on digital twin, which divides artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT) and big data


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